Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Arse Rot

Yep, that is what I'm going with for the title of this first blog post.
Because I have just uploaded my short story Arse Rot on Smashwords.
So what about me? My name's Stephan. More by choice than legality.
I am biologically female but I am genderqueer so I identify as human rather than a specific gender.
I'm studying to be a librarian, but for now I just freelance librarian at libraries and shops.
If I find something mis-shelved I compulsively need to re-shelve.
I often drop books off at the little library in Melbourne Central station.
If you are from Victoria and don't know what that is, check it out!
It's basically free books that run on a trust system, take a book, leave a book.
Apart from that I like to write bizarro fiction, mainly flash fiction and short stories though.
I love bad movies and tabletop RPG games.
As far as my stories go though, I'm currently unpublished.
Self published on the internet only... for now!
I do dabble in other genres that aren't bizarro, for example a poem I submitted to the art project Room for Poetry being run with the Yarra Plenty Regional Library
will soon be published in the Room for Poetry E-book. 
And as far as bizarro goes, I have a short story Erotophobian Trenchcoat that will (hopefully) be soon published in the anthology Queefrotica, 50 secret tales of the whispering gash. Which is by Atrophied Gangsters Press.
I will hopefully be posting a range of stuff on here aside from just about my writing, but probably mainly other bizarro related stuff. 
And of course many various brain farts!